Zoran Zaev’s assets

Zoran Zaev’s assets

According to the asset list published by the Anti-Corruption Committee in FYROM, the new Prime Minister of the country, Zoran Zaev has no properties registered on his name. All properties are registered on the name of his parents and wife, including the house, apartments and cars.

Savings in the bank belong to his wife and daughter. His house, lands, businesses and shares are registered on the name of his parents. Zaev has started his professional career at “Trgoprodukt” company in Strumica, where he worked from 1997 until 2003, while in 2001, he has been appointed director.

He has been member of the leading board of “Peon” building society and member of the leading board of “Elenica” company until 2003, when he was appointed chairman of the board of directors of the state owned company “Komunalec” in Strumica.

Zaev and his family own around 16 companies which employ nearly 900 people.

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski has savings in almost all banks and in various currencies. He has declared around 9.600.000 denars or 150 thousand euros, extra savings of around 41.000 euros, two thousand Swiss Francs and hundreds of USD and British pounds. /balkaneu.com/