Zavev announces a meeting with Tsipras in Athens, at the beginning of next year

Zavev announces a meeting with Tsipras in Athens, at the beginning of next year

Willing to build a “bridge” of friendship with Greece, so as to  reate mutual trust and facilitate a solution to the name issue, appears the prime minister of fYROMacedonia, Zoran Zayev, who, as he stated in an interview with AMNA, plans to visit Athens early in the year, in order to meet with Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras, foreign minister Nikos Kotzias, the president of the Hellenic Republic Prokopis Pavlopoulos, as well as with Greek MPs.

Zavev, in his interview, acknowledges that the name issue is “a sensitive issue that is not easy neither for the Greek politicians” and stresses his will, both sides to try to understand one another and ‘to encourage’ finding a solution that will be acceptable on both sides”.

Regarding the future of his country, he considers that there is no alternative for fYROMacedonia other than the EU and NATO.

Asked about the initiatives his government plans to take to improve the relations of fYROMacedonia with Greece, Zaev replies:

“Our position is this: we ask for support and help from Greek citizens and of course through the institutions, the Greek government, the opposition and the Greek Parliament. We understand that the name issue is a sensitive issue and is not at all easy neither for Greek politicians.

However, we want to try to understand each other and to encourage finding a solution which will be acceptable by both sides. Either both sides will be equally satisfied, or equally dissatisfied. That is the compromise. But I think that as politicians we can gain more if we have the courage to find a solution and make a decision, rather than postpone it, as was the case in the past”.

“For me”, Zoran Zaev continued, “It is important to build a bridge of friendship and through it I hope mutual trust, so that finding a solution becomes easier, even for such a sensitive issue. With this in mind, I think the solution is likely”./IBNA