Zaev’s “brutal and scandalous attack” on Vucic

Zaev’s “brutal and scandalous attack” on Vucic

Serbian foreign minister Ivica Dacic has criticized Zoran Zaev, the prime-ministerial hopeful in FYROM, over his statement that Serbia is under the “nationalistic rule” of premier Aleksandar Vucic. The friends of Serbia do not behave as Zaev, Dacic said on Tuesday.

“Serbs are the greatest and the best friends of Macedonians and the way Zaev acted is not the way Serbian friends behave”, Dacic said commenting FYROM’s social democrats leader statement.

“I do not see why Aleksandar Vucic and the government of Serbia have deserved such brutal and scandalous assault by the nominee for Macedonian premiership Zoran Zaev. Doesn’t he have enough problems in Skopje that he has to look for additional problems with Belgrade?”, Dacic stated.

He added that Vucic “for days and months” appeals on peaceful resolution of the crisis in FYROM, without meddling in its internal affairs, because the opposite could provoke instability within the whole region. “Why Zaev does not attack Rama and Thaci”, Dacic went on alluding to PM of Albania and president of Kosovo. “He (Zaev) is not so naïve to not know that the concept of the Greater Albania is not complete without Skopje”, Serbian FM added.

Dacic recalled that Serbia has recognized FYROM under its internationally recognized name despite the outcry of Greece. “And Macedonia has recognized Kosovo, voted against Serbia in UNESCO and now the nominee for its (FYROM’s) premiership brutally assaults Serbian leadership”.

Zoran Zaev, who is the leader of the Social-democrat Alliance of Macedonia (SDSM) said in an interview that “Serbs and Macedonians are brothers”; however, he added that Serbia is under Vucic’s “nationalistic leadership”. Vucic has declared himself as leader of the region, Zaev said, adding, nonetheless, that he revealed his “nationalist positions when his career was endangered”./IBNA