Zaev: I do not step down as leader of the opposition

Zaev: I do not step down as leader of the opposition

Skopje, May 9, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Leader of the biggest Macedonian opposition party, LSDM (Macedonian Social Democratic League), Zoran Zaev declared today that he’s expecting the party’s congress on Sunday to renew its trust on him as leader of this party.

He said this while commenting on rumors that talk about his resignation from the leadership of LSDM, following the great defeat in the April 27 parliamentary elections.

“On Sunday’s congress, I expect the delegates to renew their trust on me in order to continue our mission. Our scope is to restore democracy and correct society. This is our priority in front of 400 thousand voters who voted for us in the presidential elections and 300 thousand voters who voted us in the parliamentary elections”, said Zaev.

Former veteran leader of LSDM, Branko Crvnenkovski demanded the resignation of Zaev from the leadership of this party and to elect as leader of the party Stevo Pendarovski, the Macedonian opposition presidential candidate in the presidential elections.

But, Zaev doesn’t step down from the leadership of the party and wants the party to trust him again, while he receives Crnvenkovski’s comments as a part of a democratic process of the internal party debate.

The Macedonian opposition led by LSDM won 34 seats in parliament in the April 27 elections, thus marking a strong defeat and winning 4 seats less than in the 2011 elections.

But, the Macedonian opposition didn’t recognize the result of the elections and the entire electoral process, stressing that they were rigged by the current government.

The Macedonian opposition has now given up on its seats and will embark on a political campaign outside institutions, demanding new parliamentary elections organized by a technical government. /ibna/