Zaev: On Monday I will be the first to apply for the new passport that will state the Republic of North Macedonia

Zaev: On Monday I will be the first to apply for the new passport that will state the Republic of North Macedonia

Zoran Zaev gave a full interview to TV21, where he referred to the implementation of the Prespa Agreement, the new passport that he will be first applied for on Monday and will list the Republic of North Macedonia, the pending memoranda, the change of names in the Federations of the country and the opening of new border crossings.

There are many things that have been done on both sides so far, but there are also things that remain to be done, said Zaev.

Announcing that the issuance of new passports bearing the name Republic of North Macedonia will begin on Monday, July 5, the Prime Minister of North Macedonia stated that “first thing Monday morning I will be the first one to apply to get the first passport, these are ready documents. The Minister of Interior presented them on Tuesday to the Government and literally from 5th the realization will start, this is another new fulfillment by us of the Prespa Agreement.”

Regarding the issue that arose with the name of the Football Federation, Zaev stated that “we have already started talks with the sport federations, many of the federations have changed their name in accordance with the Constitution because they are representatives of North Macedonia and they represent North Macedonia, I believe we will achieve that with the Football Federation of North Macedonia because they must follow the constitutional name of the state, it is clearly stated in the Prespa Agreement everything that represents the state and is financed by the state, from the budget of the state should change its name in accordance to the Constitution.

Continuing Zaev said, “What is important for all our people that they should know is that we are no longer FYROM on the TV screens and the international codes are in use in many of the cases, the codes MK and MKD”.

And in such circumstances I can only say that I expect the Greek side to continue in accordance (to the Prespa agreement), adding Zaev.

Zoran Zaev expressed his complaint for road signs indicating FYROM “It is our expectation that the one or two signs that say FYROM (on Greek territory) to be replaced soon. It is not correct to write on them (i.e) Turkey, Bulgaria and FYROM, or it is not correct to write Turkey, Bulgaria and Skopje, it should write North Macedonia, FYROM really should be left in the past”.

“But I also expect the memoranda that are in the Greek Parliament to be adopted sooner than later, to let our citizens know once again that this is a memorandum with which they (Greece) cover and take care of our sky with the Greek aviation, the second important thing is also the memorandum of the support of the Hellenic Republic on our path to EU integration, and the third agreement is on economic cooperation” he added.

“These are good agreements, they bring benefits, and I believe that the Greek Parliament will adopt them soon. Our working groups on both sides have serious successes, the projects from Greece that did not even have project documentation, main (phases), basics, etc. have now been completed” continuing Zaev.

“The report I received from the working group for “Markova Noga” border crossing is very positive with all the details inside. Money have been provided, what are the procedures that follow for the implementation. Part of road is finalised on our side that will bring you to our border crossing, we are ready, we even asphalted the second layer of asphalt and we are ready, as soon as the asphalt comes we will also set up the facilities in which the customs officers will work. And it is good that activities have started in Greece as well as they have started with the border crossing at Kavadarci” noted the Prime Minister of North Macedonia.

Concluding stated That is the next phase, but one by one the steps are being taken that are part of the Prespa Agreement, which mean strengthening the strategic partnership and friendship between us, among which are also these two new border crossings”./ibna