Zaev-Markus: Slovakia supports fYRO Macedonia’s EU, NATO integration

Zaev-Markus: Slovakia supports fYRO Macedonia’s EU, NATO integration

Slovakia supports the EU and NATO integration process of fYROMacedonia and will assist the country in significant areas, agreed Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and Slovak Ambassador Henrik Markus at Monday’s meeting.

Interlocutors referred to the positive climate for progress in Macedonia, as well as the possibility for expert support from Slovakia in the EU accession negotiations, the Government said in a press release.

Ambassador Markus said the reform agenda results are important for the country’s integration process, adding that Slovakia would continue to support fYROMacedonia in the NATO and EU integration process and highlighted the importance of the sooner opening of the Union accession negotiations.

PM Zaev thanked Slovakia for its support in all areas and said that his country’s integration perspectives are reflected in the investment climate, including eight new investments, about 20 announcements for investments and 200 companies already showing interest.

Taking into account Slovakia’s experience in the national financial management, Zaev and Markus discussed the possibility for support through a project over a budget information system, reads the press release./IBNA