Zaev: ‘Macedonia is suffering censorship’

Zaev: ‘Macedonia is suffering censorship’

Skopje, February 14, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

The head of the largest FYR Macedonian opposition party LSDM, Zoran Zaev says that FYR Macedonia has turned into a society where the party’s membership dictates everything.

“LSDM, not only wants this situation to change, but it has also documented the ways used by the government to cause this situation”, said the opposition social democrat MP, Zaev.

Speaking on democracy, rule of law and freedom of media, Zaev says that there’s been regression in these domains, which have been poorly rated by international institutions.

“Today, Macedonia is suffering censorship, inefficient democratic institutions and an inefficient democratic process”, said Zaev. Zaev also expressed his concern about political interventions on the justice system. “We can just take a look at the reports issued by EU institutions and world institutions, to understand that Macedonia has come to a standstill in respecting basic principles and values of contemporary societies”, said the social democrat leader, Zaev. /ibna/