Zaev is given the “Personality of the Year” award in Sarajevo

Zaev is given the “Personality of the Year” award in Sarajevo
FYROM’s Prime Minister, Zoran Zaev has been given in Sarajevo the “Personality of the Year” award, a special prize given each year to personalities who have contributed for the Balkan region.

Zaev said that he wishes to share this award with other prime ministers of the Balkan countries so that together, they can continue the journey toward the European Union.

“We would like to show Western Europe that Western Balkans has something to offer to the EU. Balkans will no longer be an area of conflicts, but it will be a European region”, Zaev declared.

On the other hand, Denis Zvizdic, head of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina, said that the award for this year has been given to the right person.

“Zaev and Tsipras have showed that when there’s a will, there’s always a solution for difficult social and political problems”, Zvizdic said. /ibna/

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