Zaev in Montenegro, a joint session of two governments

Zaev in Montenegro, a joint session of two governments

The Prime Ministers of Montenegro and the Republic of North Macedonia, Duško Marković and Zoran Zaev respectively, agreed on the press conference after the joint session of the two governments, that the two countries are an example in the region as countries that continually keep the relations of genuine friendship and mutual help.

“I believe that my colleague Zaev will agree when I say that the joint session was successful. Not only because of the mutual friendship and close relationship, but also because of concrete talks and proposals that will be the basis of further cooperation. … As a country that is at the forefront of negotiations with the European Union, we have certainly highlighted the value of European integration and the importance it has for the overall reform and transformation of our social systems. Montenegro hopes that North Macedonia will soon start negotiations with the Union. In addition, we are ready to transfer our knowledge and experiences, as we do in the field of Euro-Atlantic integration. … Just when it comes to the accession of North Macedonia to NATO, Montenegro is willing at every stage to help and facilitate this process for our Macedonian friends and welcome the 30th Alliance member,” said Montenegrin Prime Minister Marković.

The Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia congratulated the citizens of Montenegro for the Independence Day and thanked for the great hospitality, saying that he felt at home.

“I am pleased that all these years of independence, as well as in all the years before, in the common state, our two countries have been an excellent example of the sincere friendship we keep over the years and decades and which we have been building over all these years. … I would like to thank you for the fact that Montenegro in this period gives us great support for NATO and EU membership. Montenegro was among the first countries to ratify the NATO Accession Protocol, which encouraged all other countries to undertake a swift ratification of the protocol. Montenegro was the most active member state of NATO that worked for us in all our steps until joining the alliance.

…Montenegro is one of our first friends in the process of EU membership. Prime Minister Marković and President Milo Đukanović, are lobbying for us at all of our meetings, such information comes to us, that after 14 years we get the start of the negotiations. I am grateful to Prime Minister Marković, the entire Montenegrin Government because they really help our country to fight for its land. The citizens of Montenegro and North Macedonia should understand this. This sincere friendship should give a serious positive perception to citizens that we have enormous prospects for all types of cooperation. … The friendship between our two countries should be remembered by the generations that come after us. Of course, we will not stop here. We will move on. We have good prospects in front of us. I send messages to neighbouring countries about this beautiful, sincere friendship between our two countries, that this is an example a model for others. If the Western Balkans and the Balkan Peninsula cooperate better, Europe will appreciate and respect us more,” said Prime Minister Zaev.

The prime ministers expressed their satisfaction with the fact that four interstate documents were signed – in the areas of environmental protection, health, internal affairs and exchange and protection of classified information, and stated that they discussed concrete forms of cooperation at a joint session, as well as at the Business Forum held before the session./ibna