Zaev and Borisov meet in Strumica

Zaev and Borisov meet in Strumica

The joint meeting between the government of FYROM and the government of Bulgaria has been considered as a very positive meeting by prime ministers Zoran Zaev and Bojko Borisov.

“Through today’s meeting, we set in motion the mechanism which will help the region to move forward”, Zaev said, underlining that this cooperation helps FYROM in its integration path.

Meanwhile, PM Borisov said that Bulgaria will help Skopje to adhere as soon as possible in the Euro-Atlantic structures.

The meeting between Zaev and Borisov took place in the Monastery of Strumica, while the two leaders also placed wreaths on the grave of former president Trajkovski.

The two countries signed cooperation agreements, while stressing the importance of Corridor 8, which will boost economic cooperation between the two countries and the region. /