Youngsters in Kosovo are abandoning the country

Youngsters in Kosovo are abandoning the country

While political leaders in Kosovo talk about European Atlantic integration and European values and principles, hundreds of young people from Kosovo are packing up their suitcases to start a new life in Western countries.

In the majority of cases, Germany is their main destination.

The German embassy in Pristina has received many requests for visas by youngsters who have found a job in this country.

According to the German embassy, during 2017, over 6000 youngsters from Kosovo have managed to secure a working visa.

The majority of them work in construction and gastronomy, but there are also many of them who have been employed as cleaners or who are working in healthcare. Amidst them there are also doctors and youngsters qualified in different professions.

Experts of political affairs in Kosovo say that youngsters are leaving due to the lack of perspective in the country and the lack of jobs.

Analyst Vilhard Shala says that the motives that push youngsters to leave are economic and political.

“Poor governance, lack of meritocracy, unemployment and low salaries are the main motives which have forces youngsters to abandon the country. Many qualified youngsters are not being able to find a job, because they do not adhere in political parties. Meanwhile, if they manage to find a job in the private sector, in the majority of cases, salaries are very low”, Shala says.

Meanwhile, according to studies conducted by NGOs in Kosovo, unemployment rate in the country is over 30% and with such a high level of poverty, there’s always a big potential for migration. /