A young woman tragically dies in a rich area of Tirana

A young woman tragically dies in a rich area of Tirana

Tirana, June 10, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

A 23 year old girl has lost her life in unclear circumstances after she fell from the 16th floor of a commercial center in Tirana.

IBNA’s correspondent reports that the event occurred at the “Sky Tower” building in downtown Tirana, in a residential and business area known to be inhabited mainly by the rich.

On Tuesday afternoon, the 23 year old from Fier, Iris Belba, a student in Tirana, was with another young man and a young woman in a revolving bar situated at the top floor of the building, when all of a sudden, she fell from the 16th floor onto the sidewalk.

The girl died on the spot in front of many bypassers.

Witnesses on the scene (photo) say that they were shocked by this event. They say that the young girl lost her life immediately after falling from the great height.

Police says that it suspects a murder caused in personal circumstances and for personal motives. Authorities are also envisaging the possibility of an accidental death.

A while ago, another girl found death by falling from another revolving bar located in another business and residential center. Even in this case, the victim was in the company of young man and woman, when all of a sudden, the 22 year old fell and lost her life. /ibna/