Young people do not see any future in Kosovo

Young people do not see any future in Kosovo

Pristina, 12 August 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Although a lot has been said that Kosovo is an optimistic nation, the majority of young people in Kosovo do not see any future in their country.

The president of the European Youth Council in Kosovo, Avdulla Hasani told IBNA that the lack of perspective has led many young people to go abroad in search of a new life.

“The political class must change its approach toward youth, enabling them access to institutional life and to organizations where they can manifest their ideas and visions for the future. Youth, which is guided by fair social principles is the foundation of a society that creates tomorrow’s leaders”, Hasani declared.

Meanwhile, the secretary of the Council, Orhan Ejupi, says that youth is engulfed by uncertainty about their future.

“Kosovo’s institutions are not doing anything about young people. They are not being offered quality education, education with European standards or opportunities to work in their profession. Their situation is very difficult. In these circumstances, the only option is to pack up and leave the country”, he said.

On the world youth day, Kosovo’s PM, Isa Mustafa promised more help for the youth by the government, in order for the brain of the country not to leave.

“They can go and study abroad, but they must offer their contribution to Kosovo”, Mustafa said.

Meanwhile, sociologist, Elmi Amidi told IBNA that no government until now has managed to draft a serious project for the opening of new jobs for young people.

According to him, without perspective, young people will continue to leave the country in great numbers. /ibna/