Why “Yes” to parallel structures and “No” to veterans?

Why “Yes” to parallel structures and “No” to veterans?

IBNA Op-Ed/Agreement with Serbia has pushed institutions of Kosovo to offer payments to parallel structures and also institutional care. Morally, how is it possible that the men and women that have fought for this land do not have institutional support? Why doesn’t anybody think about them?

By Gjergj Serembi

Veterans of Kosovo Liberation Army had never thought that after 14 years, they would remain without institutional support. The law doesn’t yet guarantee them the place that they deserve in our society. December 29, Veterans’ Day, not only it’s not a day of celebration, but it’s not even on the list of national holidays. This day must be valued for individual, family and collective engagement of the Veterans of the War of Kosovo. Since our institutions did nothing for this group of fighters, it’s surprising for the parliament of Kosovo to have a group of member veterans and almost all the others friends of veterans.

Heroines in the War of Kosovo

This time, I shall commemorate the female colleagues, sisters, mothers and our grandmothers, who helped in the War of Kosovo, some through the rifle and some with food, clothes and even water.

Where are our female doctors of the war and our teachers, who did a lot and today have received nothing from the state? Institutional support for this group doesn’t yet appear on the horizon.

These Heroines are not fictional characters. They are Albanian women who have helped the people of Kosovo. Some of them rest in Peace and some of them are still alive raising their families. Several others live under contempt. This group of veterans still lives in difficult conditions-without work and without institutional support. Who must care about these veterans?

I would like to point out Mirvete Sali Maksuti who was killed in front of the hospital of Pec, offering aid to her fellow fighter, Naim lushi. Mirvete, from the village of Orrober in Istog, along with the other fellow fighter, Hyrije Veliu, besides fighting alonside men, they have also trained many women to fight.

A special contribution has also been given by (photo) Dr. Sevdije Sejfija from the village of Gllogjan, Mimoza Duraku from Buro, Dr. Iliriana Hasi, doctor in Koshar.

Members of the parliament of Kosovo, Time Kadrija, Ajshe Mulaj and above all, Xheve Lladrovci, who fought with her husband and hour national hero, Fehmi Llavdrovci.

These are not the only Heroines, Fighters and Veterans who have contributed with their blood for the freedom that we enjoy today. There are also hundreds of others that haven’t been mentioned. It’s time to recognize the contribution given by each one of them.

Paid parallel structures

Agreement with Serbia has pushed institutions of Kosovo to offer payments to parallel structures and also institutional care. Over 300 million Euros will be allocated every year for these structures. Morally, how is it possible that men and women who have fought for this land do not enjoy institutional support? Why doesn’t anyone think of them?

It’s been a year that parliament of Kosovo has started the process of verification, but so far, the number of people has only grown and nothing has been done in this aspect.

Who must decide and care of our Veterans?

*Sent by the author, independent candidate for President of Kosovo

**Note: The stances of the author do not represent the editorial line of Independent Balkan News Agency