World Saving Day: BiH’s Central bank educates pupils and older students

World Saving Day: BiH’s Central bank educates pupils and older students

Within the programme of financial education, that has been carried out by the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBH), for several years, already, and on the occasion of the World Saving Day celebrated on October 31st, the appropriate promotional and commemorative activities were organised in the premises of the Pale Primary School and the Pale High School, in the city of Pale, near the Bosnian capital Sarajevo.

During this educational visit, there was a presentation on money management and the importance of savings, adapted to pupils’ age, aiming at creating awareness among the youth and teach such useful lessons to kids. Furthermore, the pupils were able to be acquainted with the work and functions of the CBBH.

This year’s World Savings Day has been an opportunity for distribution of the appropriate material to children, a picture book entitled Novko and Novčica in the Moneyland, and a flyer for high school students under the title What is savings?

Novko and Novčica are childlike personifications of a coin and a banknote. The names derive from the word “novac” that means “money”.

In its press release, the CBBH said that this as well as similar events organised on the occasion of the World Savings Day are integral parts of the financial education that the central Boanian institution has been following in the past years.

Their aim is to educate, strengthen financial inclusion and help Bosnians with their responsible financial management and thus benefit the economic development and growth of the country itself.

So far, the CBBH has hosted primary and secondary school kids, students from universities across Bosnia and Herzegovina and others from foreign universities (USA, Austria).

CBBH celebrates the World Savings Day in Banja Luka on Tuesday, October 30, in Mostar on Wednesday, October 31st, and Brčko on Thursday, November 1st.

The events are in the context of the Financial Education and Inclusion Promotion project, implemented by the CBBH and supported by the European Fund for Southeast Europe – Development Facility (EFSE DF)….. / IBNA