The World Bank’s report about urbanization in Romania

The World Bank’s report about urbanization in Romania


Review by Christos T. Panagopoulos –

Romania has an urbanization rate of 65% and areas with the largest possibilities to become urban are those close to the urban areas, Marcel Heroiu, representative of the World Bank said on Thursday, on the occasion of a conference on regional development issues.

“The World Bank has made an analysis for the Ministry of Development, which showed that an economic strategy must address the people. The urbanization rate of Romania is 65 percent and not 55 percent, and the development and urbanism go hand in hand. This requires a certain divergence in the initial studies, where the geography and distance matters. Here, we have identified the connective infrastructure allowing as many people as possible access to priorities, to investments in the quality of life and measures targeting marginalized communities”, said Heroiu.

He pointed out that the World Bank recommended a better definition of the functional urban areas in the public policies, and to define zones with potential for urbanization. Romania has seven poles of growth, but they were not very clearly defined.

Source: Agerpres