Only two women in the new government of Kosovo

Only two women in the new government of Kosovo

IBNA Special Report

Pristina, December 10, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

The new government of Kosovo will be remembered for a government cabinet dominated by men.

Out of 20 cabinet members that the next government led by Isa Mustafa will have, only two of them are women.

One of them is Edita Tahiri, who has been appointed as State Minister and head of the technical talks between Kosovo and Serbia and Hikmete Bajrami, minister of Commerce and Industry.

The parliament’s steering committee will have no women at all. The three main parties will be represented by men. Besides the speaker, PDK has also elected a man as its vice speaker and he’s Xhavit Haliti. LDK and Self Determination have elected Sabri Hamiti and Glauk Konjufca.

MEP and vice president of the European Parliament, Ulrike Lunacek said that she’s disappointed by the composition of the government of the Republic of Kosovo, which only has two women in it.

During a news conference delivered during her stay in Pristina, Lunacek said that the fact that out of 21 ministerial posts, only two of them are occupied by women, “is a disappointment for both women and men”.

“There have been promises by Isa Mustafa and Hashim Thaci that there will be many women in the next government cabinet. There must be an improvement and this is a disappointment”, Lunacek said.

When the first agreement between Thaci and Mustafa was signed, the US ambassador to Pristina, Jacobson also demanded for the female gender to be respected along with her presence in the government.

PDK lawmaker, Blerta Deliu, told IBNA that it’s a difficult mission to be a woman politician in Kosovo.

“It’s difficult about the fact that the political scene in Kosovo continues to be dominated by men. But, women politicians in Kosovo offer the example of peaceful society. We have women who are worthy to be trusted with the reins of power”, Jacobson said.

LDK lawmaker, Alma Lama said that she’s disappointed by the new composition of the governing cabinet, which contains only two women. She has warned the start of an incentive for the introduction of gender quotas in the government.

“We’re all disappointed about the news that the current government cabinet of 21 ministers only has two women. No bigger discrimination could have been made. Since the list of the cabinet names was made public, I raised my voice inside of the party. But, it’s clear that political parties forget about gender issues when it comes to dividing power. After the constant regress relating to the representation of women in the government, I believe that it’s time to take concrete measures to change this situation. As of today, I will launch the incentive to introduce the gender quota in the government, the same quota that exists for parliament”, declared Lama MP.

In spite of the numerous critics for the small participation of women in previous governments, PDK and LDK have not seen it fit to include more than two women in the cabinet.

There have been promises in this aspect, but they have remained sheer words.

It seems that great pressure within the party and the small impact of women on party leaders, has led to this discrimination against them.

CHRL: Discrimination based on gender in the government of Kosovo!

Committee for the Protection of Human Rights and Liberties (CHRL), says that the new government has carried out discrimination based on gender, because only two female ministers have been elected.

CPHRL says that it was the responsibility of political parties that have made the coalition to respect the principle of gender equality through non discrimination, by proposing more women for ministers and other decision making posts.

“On December 9, 2014, MPs voted for Isa Mustafa as PM and his governing cabinet which saw two new ministries. Republic of Kosovo has pledged that it will respect the principle of non discrimination of any kind, especially discrimination based on gender. The government should have guaranteed and offered equal conditions, but it has not complied because the new governing cabinet only has one female minister and another post was improvised and was given to a woman”, reads the reaction. /ibna/