A woman abandons her family, she takes her son to fight in Syria

A woman abandons her family, she takes her son to fight in Syria

Tirana, January 30, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

An Albanian woman who had emigrated to Italy along with her family, has abandoned her husband and the two girls, in order to join Jihadists in Syria.

The woman, whose name was not made public, has also taken with her the 7 year old son. Sources from the Italian police said that the woman is initialed V.M, aged 40, while her husband’s name is Afrim, 45 years old.

It was the husband that reported the disappearance of his wife at the police of Lecco, a city in the north of Italy. The family lived in Barzago, at the center of Brianza, in Lecco since 1996.

The husband said that she had left him along with her infant daughters. He told police that she was lured by the money offered by the Islamic State (IS).

According to him, she was sending her son to make him a Jihadist fighter, in exchange of financial gains. The woman had said that she didn’t see a very good perspective in Europe, where they had lived up until now and has left.

However, the possibility of her departure for religious causes is not ruled out. She may be a devoted Muslim believer, but recently she has been indoctrinated by ISIS cells in Italy.

The woman has informed her husband that she and her son have arrived in Syria and they are well. She even sent him a photo where she and three other women appear living in a normal apartment along with the son.

It’s not clear how this woman connected to ISIS, but Anti-Terror Unit at the Prosecution of Milan said that it’s investigating this development.

A few days ago, IBNA published detailed information on ISIS cells in Italy. /ibna/

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