New wiretapping case in BiH

New wiretapping case in BiH

Deputy speaker of RS National Assembly, Nenad Stevandic, confirmed on Tuesday that three weeks ago he received an anonymous letter in which the author stated that BiH Intelligence Agency (OBA) is wiretapping politicians from Serbia.

Stevandic said that he sent the copy of the letter to all highest Serb politicians in RS and on the joint BiH level, demanding quick investigation about this case. He said that it is scandalous that the BiH Agency is spying other country officials.

“Serbia is the guarantor of Dayton peace agreement and the level of confidence must be higher than it is now. It is obvious that somebody want to misuse OBA in political purposes on daily base”, Stevandic said.

He stressed that it is necessary to establish strong links through the cooperation between the authorities at the state level and security services in BiH and entities. Stevandic however said that, if in some cases somebody violate the laws and order operations which are not in accordance with them, he must be punished. In this case it is possible that there will be the escalation of negative relations with Serbia, but they must be prevented.

“If this is a true, the OBA personnel changes should be on the agenda since such services should deal with the protection of citizens’ privacy, rather than provoking conflicts and creating enemies or political abuse”, Stevandic said at a press conference in Banjaluka.

He added that the author of anonymous letter, which his cabinet received last month, warned him that there was a problem in the security sector in BiH and that OBA is treating Serbia as a “hostile country”. The director of OBA is member of Bosniak SDA party, Osman Mehmedagic, and the whole Agency is among the Serbs considered pro-Bosniak.

“In the letter I was warned that that a hostile attitude and behavior towards Serbia and RS have been created in BiH for long time; e.g. in the treatment of elected officials, as well as in the economic, cultural and political cooperation. So, each official, businessman or politician from either Serbia or RS are under criminal processing”, Stevandic said.

According to his opinion, this situation must be discussed on the session of BiH Parliamentary Assembly, but also the RS National Assembly and RS Government.

On the other side, Bosniak officials stated that there is no wiretapping case and that the whole issue has been raised by RS officials in order to destabilise BiH as a state. Also, they stated that Serbia is making breakthrough in security of BiH on a daily basis, but nobody is raising this question./IBNA