Williamson: Several former KLA commanders to be prosecuted

Williamson: Several former KLA commanders to be prosecuted

Pristina, July 29, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

EU Special Task Force prosecutor, Clint Williamson delivered a news conference today in Brussels where he presented the findings of a three year old investigation on the allegations for traffic of human organs in Kosovo.

Presenting today the findings of the investigations based on the “Dick Marty Report”, prosecutor Williamson said that during the war in Kosovo, there has been violence and crimes against members of minority communities, but also against political figures, during and after the war. Williamson said that based on the inquiries, it has been proven that there have been war crimes and based on this, there can be indictments against former Kosovo Liberation Army senior commanders.

“For two years in a row, we have conducted inquiries based on the Dick Marty’s report, interviews with hundreds of witnesses and filled thousands of pages. This has been a highly challenging work as we have investigated events taken place 15 years ago. A number of witnesses have been interrogated. There have also been witnesses who have passed away or some who have not been able to give their account for health reasons”, said Williamson.

“Based on OSCE and Dick Marty’s reports, it has been proven that there have been persecutions of minorities in Kosovo, led by senior structures of KLA. There has also been evidence that different senior political figures have been murdered”, said he.

Prosecutor Williamson said that “we couldn’t find sufficient evidence to back Dick Marty’s claims on the traffic or organs”, but he said that this doesn’t mean that the traffic hasn’t taken place.

“We will go to the bottom of these investigations”, said Williamson.

“The declarations that I’m launching are the basis for an accusation which will later be addressed”, said Williamson.

Williamson said that the Special Court on war crimes must be established, but this will take place after the constitution of the parliament of Kosovo. He said that until the court is established, the findings will not be made public. /ibna/