Will they finish Macedonia off?

Will they finish Macedonia off?

It’s easy with poisonous words to incite and manipulate poor and honest people who love their homeland and their homes, although for decades they are waiting in vain for happiness to smile at them, which cannot seem to reach two thirds of the population. These robbed and tortured people are now offered to abandon their hopes for a better future for their children, since they themselves never felt it. They say it’s over, and you will lose what you do not even have if you go and vote at the referendum. You will be gone, they will wipe you out, they will change your name and surname, will strip you of identity, your language will be erased, they will steal your soul. Sit quietly at home and mock it, boycott Macedonia, so you will be saved and you will preserve your dignity and pride.

I say, for the millionth time, is it possible for the slogan “I boycott” to win if it’s offered by a handful of desperate, fools, charlatans, pests who sow hatred and fear call for divisions and conflicts in every crisis, ride the wave of evil and of interethnic tensions. When I again heard the provoked “Komiti” at Meckin Kamen on Ilinden Day, where the president of the state was greeted with chants as the duke of the cheering crowds, where the invited guests and diplomats were booed and yelled at, and ruined Macedonia for the hundredth time, I said to myself Are these really those people who are still hesitating on which side they should go? When I heard the dark and hysterical calls “The only good Shqiptar is a dead Shqipar” I said to myself here are the heirs of the 1990s of those who cut the eagle’s claws, and now they call for bloodshed. And they never had the courage to approach an ordinary rooster, let alone an eagle. Cowards. I spat on the TV and I responded to them as a lonely echo: The only good VMRO, is a dead VMRO.

I thought until recently that until VMRO becomes a museum exhibit, there would be no European, Balkan, or human values. All that is worth will be ruined to the last piece of the country, along the Bregalnica and Vardar rivers. But after Ilinden 2018, after the speech in Krusevo to the country’s departing president, who was burning houses behind the withdrawal as a guerrilla, I was already quite convinced that the most well-known founder of VMRO, Ivan Hadji Nikolov, was completely right when he wrote the sad assessment about the result of their work starting with the founding congress of October 23, 1893 in his house in Thessaloniki. The educated librarian, before committing suicide, left the most terrifying testimony of what VMRO represents and what evil it brought to the Macedonian people. Today, to read and re-read Ivan Hadji Nikolov thousands of times, one can not turn away from the idea – did the Macedonians, after they forgave the sins of VMRO, still do not present the ad act, or at least do not archive it as a museum exhibit? Again and again, who knows how many times over, first the Partisans, and now the Democrats keep VMRO alive as a philosophy of the Macedonian existence, although according to founder Hadji Nikolov is astonishing how the people do not stone the leaders of this evil, whose final result is the ruin of Macedonia. That destruction that was prevented by the partisans with their first great victory and the anti-fascist war, with the formation of the first Macedonian state, for which 25,000 people died, is now on it way to DPMNE, the self-proclaimed successor of VMRO, to finish it off by calling on boycotting the future of Macedonia.

I do not know if anyone counted how many Macedonian activists and educated people, true patriots were killed by the long arm of the servants of VMRO, or from their treachery. There is no such tragic balance, as big as a telephone directory. But you will not be wrong if you think that everything that is worth is liquidated. The Macedonian tragedy is that both the killers and the contractors have always been convinced that they are saving Macedonia and that their crimes are a heroic act.

Here’s what the famous Thessaloniki librarian, VMRO’s most educated founder, Ivan Hadji Nikolov wrote in his memoirs, who, by the way, was not liquidated, but who, under the burden of guilt, heavy historical guilt, took his own life in Sofia. Probably for the tenth time I am presenting the testimony of his memoirs that were owned and explained by Gane Todorovski, our great Macedonian expert in the hope of reaching the Macedonian consciousness. Ivan Hadji Nikolov wrote in his memoirs: “The thought that I should write something about the Revolutionary Organization covers my heart with blood. To write about an organization which has the destruction of Macedonia as a primary goal, although it is not the organization itself, but Sofia, with its king, with its ministers and generals, with its state, and not nationalistic politics, buried Macedonia and caused huge casualties of people and material goods, and I, again, feel guilty of all these crimes, that both me and my comrades have become the reason for the revolution and, consequently, the execution of Macedonia and the Macedonians. And I wonder about the Macedonian spirit, as these people did not kill us with stones after seeing the terrible and regrettable way out of our revolutionary initiative.

All of Macedonia, as one person, with a moving unanimity started walking behind us, gave us all the support and moral confidence, we lead them to liberation, and it turns out that we have led it to ruin and a new, even more difficult slavery, and under such diametrically counter-productive results it still does not blame us, does not offend us, does not talk against us – the creators of the revolutionary organization and leaders, but silently and with complete submission to their fate took on the difficult Golgotha cross – it causes in admiration in me and I say to myself: Macedonians, you are not just heroes, you are saints as well. For you, all sacrifices are worthy.”

Do you think that the messages and warnings of Ivan Hadji Nikolov are not present once again in the 21st century and are not repeated as a historic farce? VMRO DPMNE will continue the battle to finish Macedonia off with a boycott, with silence, mocking this historic day. The revolutionary organization is no longer revolutionary, there are no revolutionary leaders, nor does anyone accept and can bear the burden of guilt and historic responsibility for the future of Macedonia. Their responsibility and guilt is determined in court not because of a revolution, but because of corruption.

To dream, you do not have to close your eyes. For a dream with open eyes to become a reality, one needs to read and find out what is best for oneself, for his or her people and for all citizens. Macedonia as a free and prosperous European country – this is the unfulfilled dream of all generations.

Erol Rizaov