Will Ivanov be seated on the defendant’s bench?

Will Ivanov be seated on the defendant’s bench?

Erol Rizaov

Skopje Public Prosecutor’s Office launched a pre-investigative procedure for the President of the State Gjorge Ivanov.

Daniela Rangelova, one of the great forces from VMRO-DPMNE’s top, resigned as the president of the VMRO-DPMNE Union of Women.

Although both announcements were expected, they still echoed loudly in the public as yet another statement that Macedonia is moving in the right direction and that no one can stop these historic processes anymore.

President Ivanov could be seated on the defendant’s bench if the pre-ivestigative procedure shows that he has violated Article 75 of the Constitution twice. A very serious allegation that may be the subject of a trial for the first time in the history of the Republic of Macedonia against the current head of state. The pre-tinvestigative procedure of the prosecution was initiated in two anonymous criminal charges that are in direct relation with the failure to sign the law on languages ​​and the Agreement with Greece that were voted twice and ratified in the Assembly, which according to the applicants of the criminal charge constitutes a violation of the Constitution. They have already taken actions to check the findings of the application and requested information from the Assembly, but also from the Cabinet of President Ivanov, which are the reasons why they did not sign the decrees because of which the voted laws have not been published yet in the “Official Gazette” and cannot come in force, causing great harm to the country and questioning its security, future and development.

President Ivanov blocked the strategic priorities and interests of the Republic of Macedonia with his decisions because the Prespa Agreement ratified in the Parliament is a prerequisite for NATO membership and for the start of negotiations with the EU, and the law on languages ​​that has also been adopted twice with his interference can cause inter-ethnic conflicts and destabilization of the country.

State President Gjorge Ivanov, in key historic moments for the future of Macedonia, has made several decisions that go beyond his constitutional competences, defining strictly party interests in disrupting justice and the rule of law. His protection of criminally charged politicians from the top of the government with abolition and so-called abolition was the degradation of the parasitic system and disrupted the reputation of the state in the world. The direct intimidation of the citizens that by signing the Prespa Agreement, Macedonian people are defaced and the Macedonian national identity is being deleted, the recognition of the Macedonian language is questioned, the lies which are not contained in the Agreement that makes Ivanov unworthy to perform the post of president of the state.

The call from the UN rostrum prior to the participation of the General Assembly and the world public and Meckin Kamen in the speech of the Ilinden holiday to the citizens not to vote in the referendum and to boycott them are unprecedented cases not only in the history of Macedonia but also in the world. The statements of the constitutionalists and scientists who wrote the constitution that the constitutional law was being violated were a sign that President Gjorge Ivanov could face a lawsuit one day.

Daniela Rangelova, with her resignation, and previously with the position to vote in the referendum, shows that it is not about corrupt and blackmailed MPs, as she tried to qualify the new party leadership, but that in the top of VMRO-DPMNE there is a strong conflict between those in favor of the European orientation of the party and against its isolation, against the anachronistic behavior of President Hristijan Mickoski and his closest associates. In her resignation she says that can not be part of a leadership that took the party in isolation with the political bizarre games of insincerity, intimidation and quarrels under the principle of ‘divide and rule’, which further divided the people and created hatred between the Macedonians and the membership of VMRO-DPMNE. Rangelova escaped the tragedy of disappointed VMRO officials when addressing such occasions, such as resignations of functions, when she says that she cannot be part of games driven by ambition to feed someone’s vanities, sick ambitions, and their own ego. It is obvious that Rangelova does not want to harm the party, and it is clear that the further proclamation of traitors and corrupt MPs by the party top can make a difference and reveal much more difficult things than what was announced in this report on the party top and the public. She has so far decided to stay in VMRO DPMNE. She did not join the eight lawmakers who formed their own parliamentary group with a clear European commitment and voted on constitutional changes, but made it clear that the leadership of the party was on the wrong path and deep into isolation.

How many more resignations should hit Hristijan Mickoski and his supporters on their heads for them to realize that problems can not be solved by calling everyone that disagrees with you a traitor or a corrupt politician and that they will be publicly marked as ballast and guilty of everything. Their dumping the trash in the neighbor’s yard as if it was a used rag proves the strategic mistake of the new leadership that it is not at all about the Agreement with Greece and identity issues, but about the obstruction of justice that the greatest culprits should face according to a fair assessment of responsibility.


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