Why is Mickoski calling for protests?

Why is Mickoski calling for protests?

By Erol Rizaov – Nezavisen Vesnik

Hristijan Mickoski with Nikola Gruevski’s successors are opening the fall-winter season with mass marches and protests. They mobilize membership to save Macedonia from Europe, NATO and VMRO-DPMNE. The ideal time for chaos before passing the constitutional changes in the Assembly and the Russian threat that the agreement with Greece should be held at a session of the UN Security Council, followed by the Russian veto. This direct threat coincides with the activities in the country not to adopt constitutional changes. The country’s destabilization would be a good proof that Macedonia is problematizing its membership in NATO and the EU with an imposed agreement with Greece, dictated by the West and America. Russia represents this as pressure against the will of the citizens.

The strategists of VMRO-DPMNE for saving Macedonia say that now is the time to show that the party is alive and well and ready for new moves, although the foundations are swaying along with the White Palace as if they were stricken by an earthquake of ten degrees on the Richter scale. The house of fear with the tenants is shaking, because everything is stolen starting from the foundation to the last tile from the money of the citizens for which the court procedure is still being conducted.

Thousands of tragic fates have been walled in in this criminal building where tyrants planned the great accidents against the citizens of Macedonia for 11 years.

Hristijan Mickoski and his associates thought that the result of attempting to make chaos could bring benefit to the party, as Gruevski escaped from the country, Mijalkov is in detention, and the ballast in the party that disagrees with party revanchist policies towards people who think differently is unloaded the yard of the political opponent, the other part is in Sutka, and the third is still in courtrooms.

This is the three known in the equation with which new pillars will be installed in VMRO-DPMNE, on which the stability of Macedonia will rest, and from where the future of the country outside of Europe will be built.

Of course, Mickoski knows that what has been ruined and robbed for 11 years cannot be renewed and restored in the next 20 years, but staying in opposition is a dangerous thing in Macedonia. It means facing justice that is coming to life after its complete degradation. In fact, the biggest fear in VMRO-DPMNE over the past year and a half spent in opposition and the defendant’s bench and the justice that comes for them, as well as the once untouchables. It goes slowly, but is knocking on the doors of the sinners, and we already have the first verdicts. VMRO-DPMNE, has realized that saving themselves from justice is possible only in a destabilized state and preventing Macedonia from becoming a member of NATO and the EU.

One wing of VMRO-DPMNE, hidden behind the “Macedonia blocks” movement, repeats the mistake of the past with attempts to block the border with Greece, to give wings to the opposition in Greece and to turn Brussels against Macedonia to the great pleasure of the Moscow Kremlin. There are dangerous propaganda for some kind of pan-Slavism and big states under the protection of the Russian army, a historical utopia that has never been realized and which has killed thousands of people. Various adventurers and charlatans, led by perpetrators and guerillas, are hired to create chaos. The competent institutions are still keeping an eye on the situation, although the purpose of this small but rather aggressive group, which is under the mentorship of the outbound intelligence services, is obvious.

The willingness of the Government and Prime Minister Zoran Zaev to deal with such attempts to destabilize the country is a great test to show that it has the capacity to disable the apparent installations that work to prevent Macedonia’s membership in NATO, and hence the EU, albeit For the past 25 years, there has been huge support for the two countries. All development plans of Macedonia, the entire social and economic system, the judiciary, the education system, the army and the defense of the country are based on the integration into the EU and NATO. The Kremlin’s anxiety came after it became a reality with the Prespa Agreement signed between Macedonia and Greece.

Organizing protests in such dramatic historic circumstances is the latest catastrophic mistake of VMRO-DPMNE that can come out of control. It will not be a great surprise if it provokes a greater provocation with aggressiveness that goes beyond the usual reactions of party sympathizers and dissatisfied citizens. If the purpose of VMRO-DPMNE is only the rescue of patriots who violently entered the parliament, as the motives for the protests are publicly announced, that thing can be politically completed in the Parliament, and not in the court. Each day it becomes clearer and clearer that the amnesty required by the VMRO-DPMNE since day one after the bloody coup attempt does not affect the supporters who have committed a crime, but the organizers of the intrusion into parliament.

Now a big bet is put on the same goal, yet again. The Euro-Atlantic integration of Macedonia. Protests with such hidden motives will not solve anything, they can only do great damage to the future of Macedonia. The government, the parliament and the institutions of the system are facing a new great responsibility to prevent any blockade of Macedonia towards Europe and NATO./IBNA

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