Who needs to reconsider things

Who needs to reconsider things

Erol Rizaov

Who in this poor country needs to think a little bit harder in order to understand it, to realize that they should do their jobs for which they were elected and are responsible of, for which they swore before the establishment and before the citizens of Macedonia. These people are the Prime Minister and the Government, the President of the State, the Members of Parliament and the President of the Assembly, the leaders of the relevant political parties, the public prosecutor, the judges, etc. And all others in the line of which their duties and obligations are accurately listed during peace, and especially when the territorial integrity and security of the state is under threat. And when new boundaries are drawn in the nearest neighborhood and preparations are made for the exchange of territories and people and when in the country before the eyes of the entire public the realization of state and national interests is hindered, and laws that guarantee the security of Macedonia and its citizens are also violated.

All of them, instead of working according to their competencies and obligations, according to the laws and the Constitution, they spent huge amounts of energy for days trying to find out through the media and social networks whether the citizens of Macedonia will come out to vote in the referendum on October 1 or whether they will sleep through September 30, will they disappear, or will they still be here. It is sad that the result of their volunteering work is to dig a hole in the water because they do not see the avalanche which, in the middle of the summer, is rolling towards Macedonia with increasing prospects to bury us all if the peaching and the oratorical abilities continue in proving how many angels can stand on the tip of a needle.

And while in Macedonia there are discussions, polemics, analyzes, quarrels, threats, insults … of angry enemies as if to reach the same goal (all claim to be in favor of the EU and NATO), in the Balkans, the nearest neighbors are negotiating the exchange of territories and new geographic maps are being drawn. Only political dilettantes cannot understand how dangerous this is for Macedonia.

No competent institution in the country that is constitutionally and legally bound to security and in time of threat of the territorial integrity of the country, does not monitor the situation and does not announce to the public that the events are closely monitored and appropriate measures are undertaken. We heard nothing about whether the prime minister and the competent ministers read their constitutional obligations on what to do in such delicate situations. It is certain that the institution of the president of the state and the Security Council does not work. And instead of alarming a first-degree alert and urgently undertaking activities in accordance with the Constitution that directly lead to the NATO umbrella and to the most effective protection in such a serious external danger of the unitary state of the state and territorial integrity in the country. The call for a boycott of the referendum, propaganda that directly threatens NATO membership and the beginning of negotiations with the EU, two top national and state’s strategic, security and economic interests, is way too silently and calmly monitored by the competent institutions.

The government, the prime minister and the president of the state, who have the mechanisms and the legal powers and the duty to implement all measures for maintaining the security of the state and its citizens, have the greatest responsibility for this wrong assessment of the situation and the lack of recognition of the danger. Since the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina for border correction and the exchange of territories has begun, they have not done anything to date, nor have they shown to the public that they were monitoring the situation.

While the world with great concern warns of the danger of new Balkan clashes over territorial revisions, there are battles in our country on how to save Macedonia from NATO and the EU because that membership marks the acceptance of the treacherous agreement with Greece, and not the danger of which the most influential statesmen and politicians and the most qualified analysts of the Balkan states have warned. The warnings of Janusz Bugajski, a well-known expert and contributor to the Center for Analyzes of European Politics in Washington, did not attract much public attention here.  Bugajski points out to great danger even if all the conditions for a peaceful exchange of territories and people between Serbia and Kosovo are met. Changes to the borders in West Balkans are burdened with dangers and will be interpreted throughout the region to legitimize national homogenization. In other words, it would mean opening a Pandora’s box for new border adjustments and bloody clashes, rejecting the principle of multi-ethnicity, demands for mono-national states that would escalate and lead to the dissolution of several countries. Western institutions and NATO forces could be unprepared for the wave of instability that could engulf the region, Bugajski warns.

Territorial delineations, says the associate of the Center for Analyzes of European Policy of Washington, will increase support in Kosovo to unite with Albania. Such intensity can quickly spread to Macedonia. The threats to the territorial integrity of Macedonia will foster ethno-nationalism, undermine the agreement with Greece and drag Bulgaria and Albania into an expanded conflict.

What do you think – whether the prime minister, the competent ministers, the president of the state, the members of the Security Council, the political leaders, the majority of the public read this, and if they did read it, whether they understood it. It seems that our competent institutions and politicians do not perceive the danger of new borders in the neighborhood.

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