When a cow “strips” the EU and battles bureaucracy!

When a cow “strips” the EU and battles bureaucracy!

A certain cow named Penka seems to have made the wrong decision on 12 May when it decided to leave, by itself, crossing the border of a country that belongs to the EU, Bulgaria, to its neighbouring Serbia.

The curiosity of seeing things on the other side of the border almost cost her life if it wasn’t for the superhuman effort of her owner in Mazaratchevo, Bulgaria.

Penka was found Serbian farmers walking alone, cared for her for two whole weeks, and carried out the necessary procedures seeking her owner.

Her owner was found, but Penka, according to European legislation and the competent Bulgarian Health Inspection Service, had to be put down as she had left and re-entered the EU illegally, without the appropriate documentation.

Despite the fact that her health was excellent, as was confirmed by veterinarians in Serbia, But Penka was put in isolation.

At first it seemed that nothing was able to bend bureaucracy, except for her owner, Ivan Haralampiev, who as another David decided to pit himself against the Goliath!

Penka’s salvation became the first issue in all social media, to the extent that the case also involved journalists’ briefing by EU spokesman Margaritis Schinas in Brussels!

The British daily Daily Telegraph launched a rescue campaign gathering 30,000 signatures, while Paul McCartney forwarded the message to 4,000,000 followers.

In the meantime the hashtag #SavePenka! was created.

Under the weight of all this mobilization, the Authorities in Bulgaria backed down.

The good health of Penka, which was submitted to very expensive examination, was certified and therefore gave her the green light to return to her owner.

Penka was reunited with Ivan, who views his beloved cow as a symbol of struggle against the establishment. Today she has returned to her home and lives with her other six friends in peace, close to her family./IBNA