What is Kosovo expecting from the European Commission report?

What is Kosovo expecting from the European Commission report?

At the beginning of 2018, the European Commission is expected to publish the annual progress reports on Western Balkan countries.

The progress report on Kosovo is expected to include criticism on the lack of reforms in the judicial system, public administration, fight against corruption, lack of political dialogue and the situation with the media.

Despite the negative and positive evaluations, the European Commission is expected to keep the possibility of granting the free visa travel regime for the citizens of Kosovo open. One of the positive steps that Kosovo has made as far as its integration in the EU is concerned, is the signing of the Stabilization and Association Agreement.

IBNA learns that the solution of the issue of the border deal with Montenegro remains key to unblocking the process of EU accession. But, the report is also expected to advise Kosovo against actions or declarations which may have a negative impact on good neighboring relations.

The head of the Parliamentary Committee on European Integration, Blerta Deliu-Kodra, says that the new Progress Report is expected to address the failure of the ratification of the demarcation with Montenegro. She says that Kosovo needs internal political consensus on the ratification of this agreement.

Opposition MP, Armend Zemaj says that Kosovo has failed in delivering the requirements imposed by the European Commission.

“I don’t think the report will be positive, considering that there have been problems in drafting legislation, especially in the latter part of 2017, and problems with other issues such as the issue of demarcation and the fight against corruption and crime in the country”, Zemaj says. /balkaneu.com/