“We’ll carry out reforms; up to EU whether to accept us”

“We’ll carry out reforms; up to EU whether to accept us”

Implementing necessary reforms is what is crucial to Serbia, Serbian PM has said in Riga, Latvia, Beta has reported.

The final decision on the country’s membership in the EU would be up to the 28-nation bloc, he added.

Commenting German Ambassador Axel Dittmann’s statement that Belgrade would have to accept EU’s policy toward Russia at the end of the negotiating process, Vucic said that this was “nothing new” and that the position had been known since talks with the EU began.

“Whether they will admit us or not is in the end up to them. Our part is doing the necessary reforms, to change ourselves. Our economic growth raises our own value and we become more important if we rank better on the global Doing Business list, if we have more factories and roads. That is of key importance,” Vucic said.

He added that Serbia should not worry too much about geopolitical issues, like the U.S. presidential election.

“Those issues are a little more complicated and we should not worry about them too much, though we Serbs do love to solve worldwide affairs. The key question to many Balkan peoples is Trump or Hillary, not whether we will build ten or 20 kilometers of highway,” the prime minister added.

Vucic was in Riga for a summit of leaders of Central and East Europe and China./IBNA

Source: B92