Welcoming Passover and 450th Anniversary of Jewish Community in BiH

Welcoming Passover and 450th Anniversary of Jewish Community in BiH

Jewish people from BiH and the entire world are celebrating the beginning of great Jewish holiday Passover this evening, which marks the liberation of Jewish people from the Egyptian slavery.

On the first day of Passover, great exhibition by an academic painter Jakov Bararon will be opened at “Novi hram” Gallery tomorrow named “Vista”, which will also mark the 450th anniversary of Jewish people coming to BiH and formation of the Jewish community in Sarajevo.

President of the Jewish community of BiH Jakob Finci told FENA he is a Sarajevo citizen who has been living and working in Vienna for 20 years and that his exhibition will present Spain, but also long year history of Jewish people in this area.

“This exhibition is the best proof that connection between BiH and Spain is still alive and beautiful paintings by Jakov Bararon will definitely refresh these gloomy days BiH is living”, said Finci.

He explained that marking of 450th anniversary of the Jewish community in Sarajevo will begin with this exhibition, but the central program will be organized during 2015, which will be completed in the mid-2014. Still, it is familiar series of ceremonies will be held on that occasion that will place Sarajevo and BiH in cultural center of Europe.

Finci stated that marking of Passover begins this evening with a Passover Seder and reading of Haggadah.

“Of course, we are very sensitive in Sarajevo when Haggadah is mentioned, because we think of our Sarajevo Haggadah which in a way is in ‘prison’ now in the BiH National Museum and no one can see it. We can only hope it will not spend life in person and that there will be an opportunity for all book lovers to see it”, stressed the President of the Jewish community of BiH.

There will also be some sweets on the table, nuts, apples and honey to remind of a mortar which pyramids were built with but also the sweet taste of freedom after being liberated from the Egyptian slavery. Then there is a toast with four cups of wine or juice.

Passover lasts eight days, but it is only marked the first two days as a holiday