Waves of public building captures across Greece

Waves of public building captures across Greece

Athens, April 2, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

Antiauthoritarians invade buildings, without however causing violent episodes, force workers out and post banners.

Indeed, the antiauthoritarians even went to Parliament. Specifically, 20-25 people entered the courtyard of the Parliament, raised banners and shouted slogans.

Once it became known that the antiauthoritarians had gathered outside the House, riot police squads immediately arrived at the point, while there were arrests.

Their main demand is the abolition of the maximum security prison at Domokos (type III), which the government has committed to do while the latter is also supportive to the prisoners on hunger strike.

Meanwhile, at 6pm Wednesday antiauthoritarians will hold a rally in Propylaea and a motorcycle march to the Justice Ministry.

Former Minister of Citizen Protection: unfenced backyard, the government has lost control

The invasion of antiauthoritarians to the courtyard of the House denounced the former Minister of Citizen Protection and ND MP Vasilis Kikilias. “A week ago I stated that I fear the next step will be antiauthoritarians getting into Katechaki. I was wrong, they entered the House. We are talking about an unfenced backyard. It is obvious that the government has lost control”, Kikilias said.

For his part, PASOK MP Giannis Drivelegkas, called for the resignation of Deputy Citizen Protection Minister Giannis Panousis.

Tension in Propylaea, but without incidents and rioting

For the third day continues the capture of the Rectory of the University of Athens, while episodic turned the protest of university workers in Propylaea, since as they say they were forced away from the Korai Square by antiauthoritarian groups gathered in the same place.

The rally of university workers was carried out at the invitation of the Rectory of the University of Athens. However, the about one hundred faculty members who answered the call were faced with antiauthoritarians, forcing them to withdraw from the Propylaea, with slogans and insults.

It should be noted that the First Instance Court Prosecutor sent an order to the State Security Service Department for the implementation of the flagrante procedure for the seizure of the Rectory.

The police has not taken a decision to intervene in the Rectory, but yesterday arrested eight people, of which one has been charged with arson.

Public building captures across Greece

At the moment the administration building of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is being captured by a group of young people who have raise banners with their demands, on the 5th floor. The seizure takes place in sympathy with the group that has done the seizure at the University of Athens.

After the Rectory of the University of Athens, antiauthoritarian groups seized Wednesday morning the City Halls of Nea Smyrni and Xanthi, in sympathy to the hunger strikers in prisons.

Under occupation is also the political office of Heraklion SYRIZA MP Giannis Michelogiannakis in Kornarou Square, from a group of young people who belong to the antiauthoritarian space and are have hung banners calling for the release of the Sava Xiros and the repealing of the maximum security prison. Moreover, continues the occupation of St Mark’s Basilica.

Also under occupation are the offices of the Prefectural Committee of SYRIZA in Achaia, located in the center of the city of Patra, by a group of antiauthoritarians.

The antiauthoritarians have posted banners with slogans against maximum security prisons, while they seek the release of prisoners.

In addition, there is a second group of anti-authoritarians at the entrance of the offices of the Prefectural Committee, in Canal Street, holding banners and shouting slogans.