A new wave of refugees may be heading toward FYROM

A new wave of refugees may be heading toward FYROM

Skopje, 21 September 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Next year, FYROM is expecting another wave of refugees. This was said in the international conference on migration being hosted in Skopje. The chairman of the European Movement in FYROM, Abdilkader Memedi said that FYROM is successfully facing the recent refugee crisis and that many EU member countries congratulated it on this.

“We hear warnings by different European and international experts that there will be a large wave of refugees. A wave is expected to arrive next Spring or Summer. It’s not us who say this, but people who are closely following this matter”, Memedi said.

Present in the conference were also representatives of other countries which are facing refugees from the Middle East.

The head of the European Movement in Turkey, Gul Gunver Turan says that the new influx of refugees will not go through FYROM, but through Africa to reach Italy.

But, according to him, if refugees want to enter FYROM, they must not be rejected, because this is an international obligation.

According to the chairman of the European Movement in Italy, Virgilio Dastoli, Italy too is facing great problems while registering refugees.

“We must change the way we distribute refugees in Europe. Currently, only 5 out of 27 countries accept refugees. This is why we must reorganize the refugee policy on a European level”, Dastoli said.

Nearly half a million refugees have gone through FYROMN to reach western Europe in the past two years. President of the country, George Ivanov has warned several months ago that there will be a fresh wave of refugees and asked for tighter security measures on the border. /balkaneu.com/