Washington and Berlin in a diplomatic mission in FYROM

Washington and Berlin in a diplomatic mission in FYROM

Skopje, 19 May 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Washington and Berlin have boosted their efforts to take FYROM out of the deep political crisis. US vice assistant secretary, Bryan Hoyt Yee arrived in Skopje yesterday, where he held meetings with political leaders the heads of state.

Hoyt Yee has issued no press comments, while last night, the US embassy in Skopje has issued a statement through which it demands the solution of the political crisis, stressing on the importance of the abrogation of the amnesty granted by George Ivanov for politicians.

Meanwhile, the envoy of the German Foreign Ministry, Johannes Haindl, who has been appointed to help with the process of the solution of the political crisis in FYROM, arrives today in Skopje.

Political analysts and opposition parti9es say that the strong intervention of the international community can solve the political crisis and help with the holding of free and democratic elections.

Former Foreign Minister, Denko Maleski says that all the activities of the international community aim at finding democratic solutions and the stability of the country. Former ambassador to Germany, Goran Rafajlovski says that these visits put extra pressure on the political class.

“The arrival of diplomats acts as extra pressure against the political class. Of course, after the postponement of the elections there must be an abrogation of Ivanov’s amnesty”, Rafajlovski said.

Journalist Nijazi Muhamedi told IBNA that the arrival of Washington and Berlin’s envoys is also a signal in support of the Special Prosecution, which is investigating high profile cases involving state officials.

“I think that this extra international presence is a support to restore justice and to shed light on the affairs of the people in power. The signals are clear that the USA and EU want to help Macedonia meet democratic standards and deliver the necessary reforms, which are necessary for a country that wants to be part of the European Atlantic structures”, Muhamedi said.

Parliament is expected to discuss today the amnesty granted by president Ivanov. /balkaneu.com/