Warnings for sanctions against FYROM, reactions in Skopje

Warnings for sanctions against FYROM, reactions in Skopje

Skopje, 25 April 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

The European Union has warned political and economic sanctions against FYR Macedonia, due to the gridlock in the implementation of the agreement for the solution of the political crisis reached a year ago with the brokerage of EU Enlargement Commissioner, Johannes Hahn.

Macedonian Social Democratic Union (SDSM) said that these warnings come due to the serious crisis, which culminated with the decision of the president of the country, George Ivanov to grant amnesty for corrupt officials who are involved in unlawful acts.

“For us as a party and for the citizens it is very important for these people to be brought to justice”, said the spokesman of SDSM, Petre Silegov.

VMRO-DPMNE led by Nikola Gruevski hasn’t commented the warning for sanctions. “We don’t want to issue any comments in such political issues”, said the member of the steering committee of VMRO-DPMNE, Koce Trajanovski.

BDI (Democratic Union for Integration) said that it will respect any decision of the international community. This party says that it is committed to take the country out of the deep political crisis.

In his letter addressed last week to political leaders in Skopje, EU Enlargement Commissioner, Johannes Hahn said that the failure of the Przino agreement will bear serious consequences for the state, while the regressive steps are moving the country away from the aspirations to become part of the EU.

Expert on economic affairs, Visar Ademi told IBNA that the country is threatened with sanctions by the international community.

“If sanctions are put, then two scenarios may occur. First one, the savings of politicians in different banks will be frozen and secondly, several politicians and officials will be put in the black list of the Shenghen Area”, Ademi said, adding that the crisis in FYROM will be solved if there will be decisive steps from the international community.

A part of the Western European media warned that the country will face political and economic sanctions, following efforts for the implementation of obligations of the Przno agreement. /balkaneu.com/