Warm episode between Russia and Turkey in the Aegean

Warm episode between Russia and Turkey in the Aegean

Ankara, December 14, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

Erdogan: “Everything they say about my children are lies”

By Manolis Kostidis

Vladimir Putin on Friday was stating that “any force that threatens Russia will be destroyed” and yesterday a russian frigate that sailed off the coast of Lemnos had to open warning fire towards a turkish fishing vessel that was approaching perilously close, according to Moscow.

Already, the military attaché of Turkey was invited to the Russian defense ministry to give explanations.

According to Moscow, on Sunday morning, the crew of the frigate Smetlivy caught in its radar a Turkish fishing boat approaching dangerously at a distance of approximately one kilometer.

After successive warnings and the use of flares, and since the distance between the two ships had been reduced to just 600 meters, the crew of the frigate was forced to open fire in order not to clash with the turkish vessel.

According to the Russians, the “warm incident” occurred at a distance of approximately 15 nautical miles north of Lemnos. The Turkish fishing boat immediately after the warning shots changed its course.

Ankara through the ministry of foreign affairs confirmed the incident, but is attempting to downgrade the event. With this move Moscow is showing its teeth to Ankara not only in Syria but also in the Aegean and perhaps in the future in the Black Sea or the Mediterranean.

In Turkey, there is skepticism as to how far Putin will go after the downing of the russian warplane by turkish fighter jets.

That is why no aircrafts of the Turkish air force comes not close to the Turkey-Syria border, nor does it participate in the air strikes of the West, fearful of russian retaliation, such as shooting down a turkish aircraft with the S-400 installed in Latakia or with missiles launched by russian fighter jets.

Ankara bans Turkish officers from visiting Moscow

In this context, the Turkish Armed Forces General Staff issued a notice prohibiting officers any tourist visit to Russia.

Erdogan: “All accusations about my children are lies”

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan called “childish behaviour” the action of a Russian sailor to hold up an antiaircraft launcher during the passage of the Russian warship from Bosphorus.

“There, just a few miles away there were three ships of NATO and if we wanted to provoke tension much could have happened. But we want to find a solution through diplomatic channels”, he said.

The Turkish President’s statements to the television network Jazeera Al responded to the allegations of Moscow for illegal oil trade.

“My son is not related to the oil business. He deals with the catering sector. They said my daughter helped in the care of the wounded of ISIS and then sent them back to Syria. These are lies”, he said.

Indirectly spikes of erdogan to Greece

Regarding the refugee issue, Erdogan argued that new steps should be taken and said the Turkish coast guard collected 84,000 persons. Implying Greece, he said that “we did not deflate and do not immerse the inflatable boats as others do. Our Coast Guard saves many lives and sends them to their countries. We have spent to date USD 9 billion”.