Wall in Mitrovica will be demolished before 17 February

Wall in Mitrovica will be demolished before 17 February

Political representatives in Pristina continue to pledge that the wall built in the northern part of Mitrovica by Serb local government authorities, with the support of Belgrade, will be demolished.

The speaker of the parliament of Kosovo, Kadri Veseli said that this wall is artificial and that it will be demolished, linking the day of its demolition with Kosovo’s Independence Day on 17 February.

“The wall will be demolished. I don’t know if it will be demolished on 1 or 17 February, but it will be demolished”, Veseli said.

Veseli also called on the citizens of Kosovo to trust the institutions of the country.

“The situation is serious, but citizens must feel safe and not threatened. We will not allow walls and Serbia’s trains into Kosovo”, Veseli said.

Meanwhile, the mayor of Northern Mitrovica, Goran Rakic declared that authorities in Kosovo cannot demolition the wall through the use of force.

Rakic said that the Brussels’ Agreement reached in the talks between Pristina and Belgrade, the sides have agreed on the bridge on Iber River to be revitalized. According to him, the agreement stresses that the works would be conducted by Northern Mitrovica.

“Parliament of Kosovo has ratified the Brussels’ Agreement, thus, resolutions and declarations for the demolition of the wall have no legal foundations”, Rakic said. /balkaneu.com/