Vulin warns his resignation

Vulin warns his resignation

Pristina, April 24, 2013

Βy Tinka Kurti

The Director for Kosovo in the Serbian government, Aleksander Vulin is expected to hand in his resignation from this post today.

“Today, before you and the people and tomorrow before the government and the Progressive Party, I must hand in my resignation from the post of the head of the Office for Kosovo”, said Vulin yesterday. Vulin declared that the cause for his resignation was the agreement reached in Brussels between Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi and Prime Minister Ivica Dacic. “I have promised to the Serbs of Kosovo that the agreement would be different and that I might perhaps achieve the impossible”, said Vulin. According to Vulin, during the talks in Brussels, he has been against the agreement in question and the form in which it was accepted.

Serbia is yet to vote the agreement in Parliament, while Kosovo has ratified it during an extraordinary parliament session on Sunday. /ibna/