Vucic’s regime continues pressure against Jeremic

Vucic’s regime continues pressure against Jeremic


Vuk Jeremic, the aspirant for Serbian presidency in the upcoming elections, said that the regime of prime minister Aleksandar Vucic who is also a nominee wages “a special war” against him.

Jeremic, former foreign minister and ex-president of the United Nations General Assembly said that Serbian central bank has demanded from commercial banks to deliver it the names, addresses and other data of the people who have donated to his campaign.

Earlier this week an official of Vucic’s Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) marked Jeremic’s wife Natasa, former TV host, as “the main boss of the narcotics market” in Serbia without giving any evidences. In the meantime Vucic ironically “apologized” claiming, again without any evidences, that he and his family are targeted by all the other presidential hopefuls.

Natasa Jeremic rebuffed Vucic’s “apology” and announced she would sue him.

Afterwards, another SNS official suggested Vucic to submit “84 criminal charges” against Jeremic.

Vuk Jeremic asked Vucic via media what was he afraid of taking into account that the polls conducted by agencies who favor him predict that he enjoys popular support far above the 50 percent required for the victory in the first round on April 2.

“I think that these polls are not accurate and… therefore all the regime’s resources are directed against me”, Jeremic said. He added that the police have entered in his campaign premises “making the lists of the people”./IBNA

Photo: Vuk and Natasa Jeremic