Vucic’s internal dialogue: Realizing that Kosovo is lost

Vucic’s internal dialogue: Realizing that Kosovo is lost

With his announcement of the so-called internal dialogue (within Serbian society) on Kosovo, president Aleksandar Vucic has jumped over “dark shadow of Serbian history” on whose creating he once enthusiastically worked at”, according to an article in Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), published today.

“There is no summer break in Serbia this year. And the reason was given by president Aleksandar Vucic. In mid July he published an essay on Kosovo and initiated permanent debates. What Vucic wrote is, according to Serbian views, as if Turkish president Erdogan was writing that Ottomans have committed genocide against Armenians in 1915. In that way Vucic has jumped over dark shadow of Serbian history on whose creating he once enthusiastically worked at. He demanded from his compatriots to realize that Kosovo – which declared its independence with US and West European support in 2008 – is lost”, Michael Martens stated in his comment.

And, according to the author, Vucic wrote what many Serbs think for a long time. “And they (Serbs) have other concerns: jobs are important to them, as well as good schools for their children or living space they can afford, rather than myth on Kosovo in Serbia forever”, Martens put in his comment.

He praised Vucic as the politician which is not afraid of voters.

“The leading Serbian politicians did not dare so far to call the things by their proper name, because of their fear of small but influential minority consisted of nationalist intellectuals, orthodox bishops and other demagogues. If there is a politician in Belgrade that will stop to tremble before the voters, than his name is Vucic. Since April, when he gained the overwhelming majority at the presidential elections, this former ultra-nationalist, whose Serbian Progressive Party also dominates in the parliament, has stronger power than any politician since authoritarian Slobodan Milosevic back in 1990s”, Martens concluded in his analysis./IBNA