Vucic wants “broad internal dialogue on Kosovo, and region”

Vucic wants “broad internal dialogue on Kosovo, and region”

Aleksandar Vucic has reiterated that he will initiate a broad social dialogue on key issues for the country, such as the stance towards Kosovo and the region.

He stressed that “if the objectives are set strategically, then the way to achieve them can be found.”

Vucic was in Pancevo when he said – responding to reporters’ request to “further explain his statement yesterday that it is necessary to open an internal dialogue on Kosovo in which we will be rid of the mythical approach and of easily giving away of what we are entitled to” – that the position of Serbia should be “harmonized with life’s problems and what bothers our people in Kosovo and Metohija, as well as with the rights of our state.”

“But do not forget that we are the only ones deciding about that, that we know well also what the role of Albanians is. We need to put things on a rational plane, to talk in such a way,” said Vucic.

He said he was aware that “some genius will show up again” who will “hold up a placard to him (saying) he was a traitor” – but said he does not care about that, “because he cares about the future of Serbia. ”

“I respect every Church, every religious community. It is my job as president of the Republic, as it was when I was prime minister. But people, our job is to take care of the earthly life, while somebody else should take care of the heavenly,” said Vucic.

Vucic said that apart from Kosovo, the region, a dialogue would also be opened on changing the Constitution. “If we can agree, then we will have solved something and done something for your country. If we cannot, then it’s another thing that has fell through, and it will show show that we are still more concerned about the country of our grandparents instead of the country of our children,” said Vucic.

When asked to be “more concrete,” he said that he “cannot do that”- because he would in that way “present his position in advance, before any discussions.”

“And I want to open a social dialogue that will last three months, six months, on both topics, and our stance towards Kosovo and Metohija, and our relationship with the region, to see what our policy is, where we see Serbia in 20 years, to see the content of this policy,” Vucic said.

He stressed that he wanted to participate in the dialogue between all political parties and their representatives, all religious communities, civil society, “to make their voices heard about where they see Serbia.”

“When you set strategic goals, then you will be able to find your way,” Vucic concluded.

The president, who was sworn in on Wednesday, was in on an army barracks Pancevo on Thursday together with US Ambassador Kyle Scott, who presented 19 Humvee vehicles, a donation of the US government to the Serbian Army./IBNA

Source: B92