VUCIC: U.S. should accept the Atlantic Council’s recommendations

VUCIC: U.S. should accept the Atlantic Council’s recommendations

The Balkan strategy of the American Atlantic Council is an important document; it would be good if the United States implement it in their policy, the Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic said today (December 1st). The adoption of the document would contribute to the better relations between the U.S. and Serbia, Vucic told journalists in Belgrade.

As he put it, the political framework as presented in the document, is more important than (the) permanent American military presence in the region, which was also recommended by the Atlantic Council. “Because they (U.S. Army) are already present in the Bondsteel Camp in Kosovo”, Vucic explained.

Earlier this week the NGO Atlantic Council published its report titled “Balkans Forward: A New US Strategy for the Region”, suggesting the establishing of the permanent American military presence in the South-Eastern Europe as well as “historic rapprochement with Serbia”. “Turning a blind eye to the creeping authoritarianism of the region’s leaders has seemed worthwhile in the short term”, Atlantic Council noticed.

When it comes to “historic rapprochement” with Serbia, Atlantic Council stated: “Belgrade can and should be a close partner and ally in the region, but it can only become one if it begins to meaningfully distance itself from Russia. This is not a trivial pivot for Serbian leadership, but neither should it be something on which the United States or the EU should compromise”.

Vucic has confirmed that Serbia negotiates on acquiring aircrafts and air defence systems from Belarus. As he said, he has discussed the issue with Belorussian president Alexander Lukashenko and Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin. He reiterated that Serbia wants “partner relations” with both Russia and NATO…/IBNA

Photo: EPA