Vucic in Tirana: Kosovo is Serbia. Rama: I do not feel provoked

Vucic in Tirana: Kosovo is Serbia. Rama: I do not feel provoked

Tirana, 27 May 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Edison Kurani

Prime Minister of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic is on a two day visit to Tirana and little before midday, he held a meeting with his Albanian counterpart, Edi Rama.

The two counterparts delivered a news conference where they expressed their joint positioning to develop the ties between the two countries.

Meanwhile, they also said that they have different stances on Kosovo.

PM Edi Rama said that the will of the Albanian government is unshaken to move forward with the agenda “of a region without borders, where barriers built throughout the years between Albanians, Serbs, etc, fall”.

Vucic is the first visitor of this rank from Belgrade to visit Albania. This fact was underlined by Mr. Rama. During the joint press conference with the Serb PM, Aleksandar Vucic, Mr. Rama said that “such visits on a level of prime ministers were carried out within six months, after a long period of cold relations between the two countries”.

“In fact, for us, this shows the common desire and will to bring the two nations closer to each other, although we’re far from agreeing on everything”, said Mr. Rama.

According to him, ‘today, Albanians and Serbs have a historical chance to restore peace, which we finally achieved in this region, a peace which is worthwhile living”.

“Today, Albanias and Serbs have the chance to do the best for themselves and each other and do what the French and the Germans did for themselves and for Europe after Second World War. The will of the Albanian government is unshaken to move forward with the agenda of a region without borders, where barriers built for years between Albanians, Serbs, etc, to fall in order to project the future as a common destination in the path of integration”, he said.


In his speech for the media, PM Vucic said that he was proud to be the first senior Serb official to come to Albania: “I am proud to be the first prime minister of the Serb government to have arrived to Tirana. I have come here on behalf of the Serb citizens”.

Mr. Vucic said that Serbia wants to have good relations with Albania. He said that the relations between the two countries are much better than before. “We’re in the right path to do something more”, said Mr. Vucic, adding:

“I would like to extend the hands of friendship to the Albanian people regardless of our different opinions”.

Immediately after this, Mr. Vucic stopped on Kosovo. Initially he said that “Kosovo is Serbia”: “We see Kosovo as a territory of Serbia, while Albania believes that Kosovo is independent”, Vucic said.

Meanwhile, he added: “We do not agree on all issues, such as it is the case with Kosovo and its status. The two countries are talking to each other”, said Vucic.

On his part, Rama repeated what he said in Belgrade that he doesn’t feel provoked in relation to the stance on Kosovo, while adding that “the stance of the Serb side is irreconcilable”.

“Although we have plenty of disagreements on Kosovo, this doesn’t lower the value of dialogue between Serbia and Kosovo, which for us is a serious prologue of the opening of a new chapter between Albania and Serbs”, Mr. Rama said.

In the framework of cooperation,  Vucic underlined the engagement to expand boost bilateral economic relations. He demanded cooperation with the Albanian side to work on joint projects, especially in infrastructure. The head of the Serb government referred to the construction of the road between Durres and Nis, which he said, would join Serbia with Albania and vice versa.

The two day visit of Mr. Vucic in Tirana is being held under strong security measures. Some consider these police measures the same as with the Pope’s visit last year to Tirana. For the first time, drones have been introduced by police to secure Mr. Vucic’s movements. /ibna/