Vucic responded to Thaci’s “provocation” – report

Vucic responded to Thaci’s “provocation” – report

A summit in Slovenia was marked by Hashim Thaci’s provocation and Aleksandar Vucic’s reply, while Blic is reporting what the Serbian president told Thaci.

The daily recalls that the strongly-worded discussion occurred behind the scenes, after the Kosovo president addressed the gathering and said, among other things, that Serbia is “not ready for the EU because it does not recognize Kosovo.”

Thaci also repeated a statement he made in during an interview last week – namely, that he “cannot imaging the EU accepting Serbia as a member before Kosovo.”

The Belgrade-based newspaper says that “even though Vucic did not wish to publicly respond to this barb from Pristina,” he did this “away from the media, in front of the gathering’s guest, German President Frank Walter Steinmeier.”

“What are you talking about? You want to make a man accused of gravest crimes, while the witnesses have been killed, your prime minister. You got your independence after NATO’s aggression, without a referendum, and not everyone has recognized you,” Vucic told Thaci according to the report, and continued:

“Five European (EU) countries have still not recognized you. You are not an independent state to us. And you are not listening what Serbia is saying, and say that we don’t have a European approach because we won’t recognize Kosovo. Unlike you who are making that person a candidate for prime minister… I said it in the assembly that Serbia must give up on its myths, for the sake of the future of not only Serbs, but also Albanians in Kosovo and Metohija.”

Then, writes Blic, the Serbian president “touched on the war mongering, i.e., the nationalist policy in the region.”

“You, Hashim, have spoken about Greater Albania, I didn’t. Jonuz Musliu too. You talk about it publicly, while Brussels doesn’t dare say who said it, instead (they say) you should cut down your statements. You had one obligation and didn’t fulfill it, and that is the Community of Serb Municipalities, we have fulfilled everything, the phone number (dialing code), judges, prosecutors… everything. You? Nothing because you have had the support of the greatest number of EU countries,” said Vucic.

He also “did not spare words” when it came to “outside factors”:

“Your problem is that you don’t even know how to accept an extended hand. I see a coordinated campaign of people from the US Congress and your extremists. If you had 30 percent of Albanians, one stone upon another would not be left in Montenegro, while we never asked anything from them. Find me someone in the region who wills talk to Haradinaj without a lump in their throat. So much for democracy.”

The summit of South East European (SEE) leaders was held on Saturday in Brdo near Kranj, Slovenia./IBNA

Source: B92