Vučić Meets with Rama: The Importance of Dialogue

Vučić Meets with Rama: The Importance of Dialogue

Belgrade, October 13, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

During a discussion at the Belgrade Security Forum, Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić talked about the relationship with the Albanians and presidential elections.

“I am not ashamed to say that we want to have better relations with the Albanians and Bosnians,” Prime Minister Vučić said.

He said that he saw that in terms of potential we had better growth than most member states, we had great future potential, and we would do it together because if we went against each other, then we did not stand a chance.

Participating alongside Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama in the panel within the Belgrade Security Forum, Vučić said that better political connections in the future would undoubtedly get us closer to the European Union, which all the countries in the region strive to.

He thanked the Albanian prime minister for being in Belgrade today and attending the Forum, creating an opportunity “to talk and further develop our relations.”

“Having dialogues always improves relations, and this is of great important to us,” Vučić said.

In addition, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić said that he had no intention to run in the presidential elections.

During the panel discussion within the Belgrade Security Forum, he said that although many interpreted his political moves as campaigning, such interpretation was wrong.

“They are saying that dumb Vučić wants to win the presidential election, but I won’t even be running,” Vučić said.

The prime minister said that there was no alternative when it comes to Serbia’s EU membership, but also that he was not optimistic about the situation in the region and pointed to the huge problems in Bosnia and Herzegovina, insults to Serbia coming from Croatia, and the problematic issue the EU remaining silent about them.

“There are huge obstacles to overcome, and we’re lagging behind because we can’t meet all of our obligations because we have insults coming from Croatia, the EU remaining silent, and that’s the problem,” Vučić said at the sixth Belgrade Security Forum.

He said that there were huge problems also in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“I’m not going to comment because it is obvious. I cannot accept that the only culprit is the president of the Republic of Srpska,” Vučić said.

He said that a mutual trust had been built between Serbia and Albania but that it was fragile.

Vučić said that the Serbian Government intended to do everything that Serbia needed in order to get closer to EU membership and that there was no alternative when it comes to joining the EU.

“I would like to note something about the conduct of the EU. They keep setting goals and objectives, and bureaucratic ones at that. They dictate events and new realities for us, and we can’t do anything about that. We are losing ground in this area and this is going to be a big problem,” he said.

Source: B92