Vucic is thinking of spending his Christmas holidays in Montenegro

Vucic is thinking of spending his Christmas holidays in Montenegro

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic has announced that he will spend Christmas (according to the Julian calendar) on 6 January in Montenegro amid tensions caused by the law on religious freedom.

The Serbian President will pay a private visit rather than as a Serbian leader, noting that he will decide in the next 24 to 36 hours on his visit to Montenegro.

It is my desire and my intention to be with our people at this time of difficulty for them, Vucic said.

“I am president to solve difficult problems. Christmas is the happiest holiday, it is a time for forgiveness and reconciliation at a time when as a nation we must show unity without offending or provoking. The only thing I can say is whenever I am with our people, I am happy”, Vucic said of his visit to northern Montenegro.

Vucic does not plan to give political speeches. Noting that he is happy to be with his own people, of the same nation. “We understand that we belong to different countries, but we belong to the same nation”, the Serbian President concluded.

He also noted that during his meeting with the Patriarch of the Serbian Church, when he announced his intention to visit Montenegro, Irinej agreed with his intention and blessed it.

The Montenegrin Parliament has approved a law on religious freedom in recent days, with the Serbian Orthodox Church marking the law as an attempt by Montenegro to “steal” the property of the Serbian Church in the country.

It is noted that the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral belongs to the Serbian Orthodox Autocephalous Church./ibna