Vucic and Thaci have created a chaotic situation, says Kosovo Serb politician

Vucic and Thaci have created a chaotic situation, says Kosovo Serb politician

The recent statement of Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic that his “Kosovo policy” has been defeated represents the message to be sent to the international community and his Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) followers, said Rada Trajkovic, a Serbian politician from Kosovo. On Monday, Vucic suggested at the SNS Central Committee session that his demarcation plan between Serbia and Kosovo has failed.

Rada Trajkovic said that Vucic’s Kosovo policy has been “tolerated in an unacceptable manner” so far. “The members of Serbian parliament did not have the chance to express a different opinion”, she explained referring to the fact that no parliamentary session on Vucic’s “Kosovo policy” has ever been called. “He has completely usurped legislative and executive power. He has created a country for himself”, she went on.

Trajkovic recalled that she was opposed to Vucic’s plan for Kosovo, adding that she is proud because she has contributed to the failure of president’s scheme.

Actually, the Serbian leader has never explained what a “demarcation plan” represented and meant. He has said, however, that he had wished to create boundaries “between Serbs and Albanians”.

“The policy of division on the basis of ethnicity is disastrous”, Trajkovic stressed, adding that the Serbian head of state has tried to follow the approach of former president Slobodan Milosevic. She recalled that after the 1999 war and the agreement between NATO and Milosevic, thousands of Serbs left Kosovo; Vucic’s plan has been an effort to act similarly – to conduct a “peaceful ethnic cleansing in Kosovo”, Trajkovic claimed.

She concluded that both Vucic and Kosovo’s president Hashim Thaci should be excluded from further dialogue “because they have left chaos behind them”…. / IBNA