Voutsis: Simple proportional representation, vote in 17, “threshold” 3%

Voutsis: Simple proportional representation, vote in 17, “threshold” 3%

Athens, July 1, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The electoral law will be submitted in the coming days and will be voted on until July 20, said the president of the House Nikos Voutsis, in an interview with the television station SKAI.

He stressed that the key elements of the new electoral law is simply proportional representation, to abolish the bonus, the vote at 17, while the limit for representation in the House will remain at 3%.

In parallel, he appeared optimistic that the 200 MPs required will be found, so that the new electoral law will have immediate effect.

He assured, however, that there is no question of early elections.

Asked for the increases in taxes, he stressed that it was the only option not to reduce pensions and salaries, and was optimistic that the target for the primary surplus will be reduced in 2018 to 2%, from 3.5%.

Regarding the labour issues, he stressed that there is no question of collective redundancies.

Referring to Brexit, the House Speaker noted the need to shift to a “Europe with more solidarity” and stressed that strict protestant approach of austerity in Europe must end.

He also mentioned that there must be dynamic steps towards democratic, social, economic convergence, through a policy of integration. At the same time, he accused several European leaders of turning a blind eye, creating problems rather than solving them.