VMRO-DPMNE calls for a coup

VMRO-DPMNE calls for a coup

By Erol Rizaov-Nezavisen Vesnik

VMRO-DPMNE, with the public warning to Prime Minister Zoran Zaev that he wishes for another ‘April 27’, when the bloodshed in the Parliament was carried out, basically calls for a coup yet again. This time it is presented again as a spontaneous reaction of worried citizens who defend the dignity and honor of Macedonia after the reached deal with Greece. This is just the forerunner of the next steps that the top of VMRO-DPMNE will take over until the referendum is held in order to make it unsustainable.

In times of freedom and peace, when arguments can be heard, seen and understood, when one can think with his/her own head, and vote freely, VMRO-DPMNE is only a museum exhibit. It is the only legal nationalist far-right political party in Europe that has a “revolutionary” name in its holy name. VMRO-DPMNE has been wrongly named since its establishment with a prescribed history from the archives and appropriated by the collective memory of the Macedonians. Myth on which the political determinant “democratic party” has been added with forgery, which has never been realized. Today, at the end of the second decade of the 21st century, the old and new leaders of VMRO-DPMNE, lost in space and in time, call for an uprising against their own people and their own country.

Without casualties, chaos, violence, crime and corruption, blackmail and threats, spreading of fear, tyranny and regime,  the party that ruled with no control for 11 years and held the state captive has no clue how to function.

The leaders of VMRO-DPMNE saw a chance in the signed agreement between Macedonia and Greece to come back to life and return to power after the last two election defeats when they lost power and went to court as accused of serious crimes and criminal associations. When faced with their miserable support in the streets, a handful of well-known and crazed convicted criminals, they started to panic. Not even regular members of the party attended the protests, nor did those who filled their pockets with millions of euros, money belonging to the robbed and impoverished citizens. Even relatives of the lonesome political leaders were a no show. It was a desperate image of the party before the collapse. What can you do in such a situation, except cause incidents, provoke clashes, cause bloodshed, victims and, most of all, lies. Orchestrated by the sports fan club “Komiti”, a clash with the police was caused before the Assembly of Macedonia, and the vampires drank immediately from the first drops of blood shed on the streets.

The police has been working for the ruling parties for 11 years, a terrible transformation, which famous Minister Gordana Jankuloska entitled VMRO-MVRO, and which represented the main bastion in the defense of the regime for a decade, suddenly became anti-national and SDSM overnight. What do you think – did you poorly ideologize and politicize the police in 11 years of regime rule, or the Macedonian police are not police, yet a party guard in defense of the party in power, whichever it is. Are they the same policemen and chiefs of Cavkov, who looked the other way on April 27, when a crowd led by party bullies with hoods on the heads and colleagues from the secret police burst into parliament to lynch MPs and prevent the constitution of the Parliament. Is it possible, in just one year, to make a professional police under control and who should not use excessive force, even in violent protests.

I believe there was probably an overstepping in the use of force and illicit weapons by the police. But even more so, I believe that this was the goal of the organizers of the protests in order to radicalize the situation that always provides a greater echo of the citizens.

As long as the organizers do not face justice for violating the law and for violating public peace and order, and do not go to jail after an urgent procedure due to such dangerous incidents filled with violence and hate speech, it is not possible for those who support the agreement with Greece to organize a referendum on free expression of citizens. VMRO-DPMNE by organizing violent protests against Western Europe, America, NATO and the EU, against our neighbors and strategic partners, but also against its own citizens, is determined to destabilize the state. Calls for a state of emergency and a coup. President Boris Trajkovski endured such a strong pressure in 2001 when he saved Macedonia from a civil war. For incumbent President Gjorge Ivanov, one can not say that he is not ready to plunge the country into riots and dictatorship. Protests that necessarily start with the igniting of inter-ethnic fires, end when those who set fire to it act as firemen and saviors.

VMRO-DPMNE announced its famous method to blame others for what it wants to do. The party stated to the public that Prime Minister Zoran Zaev wanted a replay of the April 27 events of last year. This is the first signal that a new incursion into the Parliament is being prepared, as spontaneous as last year. But this time it’s clear to everyone that it will not pass. The agreement with Greece will be ratified, and there will be no turning back. Macedonia is tired of VMRO-DPMNE and the constant lies and excuses why we are not where all our neighbors have arrived before us. The path to Europeanisation and NATO and EU membership is now open, which are the most important strategic priorities of both the state and the citizens accepted by all parties and all governments, all institutions and all economic, political and development programs. The return to the beginning is an anti-historical, anti-civilization and anti-state act par excellence.

And finally, if VMRO DPMNE is sure that the people are with them, then the plague is forcible protests and clashes, spreading fear and hatred. The citizens stating their opinion in peace and freedom in a nationwide referendum will show whether citizens want to find themselves in the beginning again as they did 27 years ago, or choose the European future. Obviously, VMRO-DPMNE already knows the result, so instead of joining the winners and their defined program choices and being a participant in the historical act, they chose to be defeated in this way. They interpret the voice and support of the world’s political elite and the most prominent media as a conspiracy to the whole world against Macedonia. Typical VMRO.

The previous leader Nikola Gruevski developed this thesis to an absurdity. Listening to more than 20,000 citizens, public figures, uninterruptedly over a period of six years, the disclosure of the “bombs” and the darkness of their rule singlehandedly written in the recordings, the trials, coup attempts were all organized for him and VMRO-DPMNE to lose power, in order to change the name of the state and to deflect the Macedonian people. This has been done for six years by America, the EU, NATO, our neighbors in conjunction with domestic enemies and traitors. All these decades, they had nothing better to do than to destroy Macedonia. And, imagine, they failed in that. Patients who are under intensive therapy for 24 hours on TVs and social networks could never come up with such a story.

The referendum will bring everyone back and put them where they belong, of course, if there are conditions for holding a referendum./IBNA