Visa regime between Albania and China changes

Visa regime between Albania and China changes

Tirana, 29 August 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

Chinese tourists are known for their large expenses in the frequent travels that they make in Europe. They have turned into an important part of European tourism and world tourism.

But, to visit Albania, they need visas. Is it possible to establish a free visa regime for these tourists?

It seems that concrete efforts are being made.

Albanian Foreign Minister, Ditmir Bushati visited China where he stayed for several days and met with the country’s officials. Along with the Chinese counterpart, he signed an agreement for the facilitation of the procedures for granting visas for Chinese and Albanian nationals.

The agreement offers five year visas for citizens of both countries.

Bushati is optimistic about the growth of the Chinese tourism and business in Albania: “I believe that this is an important step forward and I hope that the agreement that we signed will be an important instrument to welcome tourists and investors from China, who in the recent years have been growing in number”. /