Violent protests in Skopje, tens of wounded among protesters and police

Violent protests in Skopje, tens of wounded among protesters and police

Skopje, July 4, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Today’s protest held under the motto “Stop to politically orchestrated trials against Albanians” caused tens of wounded protesters in Skopje.

Protesters started their march after Friday’s prayers continuing their protest in front of the Court of First Instance, where the situation has escalated after several protesters threw stones against the building and this led to the intervention of special police forces.

The protest has escalated in violence. Police clashed with protesters and used tear gas  and water to disperse them. Protesters than left and continued their march toward the area known as “Bit Pazar”, a predominantly Albanian quarter. This area too saw clashes between police and protesters. For now, protesters have been positioned on one side of the road and police forces on the other.

Protesters have launched slogans “We are not terrorists”, “Stop orchestrated trials”, “Ministry of Interior is a terrorist”, “Police state”, etc.

Ministry of Interior said that it’s closely following the situation and it will offer all details once the protest ends. The spokesman of this institution, Ivo  Kotevski said that several police officers have remained wounded.

The protest was organized as a sign of discontent against a court ruling, which gave life sentences for six Albanians accused of the murder of five people in Skopje on April 12, 2012. /ibna/