Violent extremism and radicalism are the challenges of Kosovo police

Violent extremism and radicalism are the challenges of Kosovo police

Pristina, 4 September 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

On the 16th anniversary of Kosovo Police, this institution has been considered as one of the best ones in the region.

Present in this ceremony was also PM Mustafa, who praised the work done by police.

“Kosovo police continues to be one of the most credible institutions in the country, as its professionalism and performance have showed a high level of success and preparation, which can be an example for the region and beyond”, Mustafa said.

Mustafa demanded the cooperation of many players in order to prevent phenomena that threaten security.

“Role of police and other security agencies, is being challenged by violent extremism and radicalization, therefore we need to built an internal alliance with all state institutions, with civic society, with religious communities and the rest of the community to protect the interests of the country”, Mustafa declared.

Minister of Interior, Skender Hyseni, also commended police work.

“You have done an excellent work for 16 years in a row and it’s not by accident that Kosovo Police is perceived as one of the best and professional police forces in Western Balkans”, Hyseni said.

The Minister of Interior said that police will fight against all phenomena that are a threat for security.

“I assure you that Kosovo police will be committed in fighting corruption, organized crime and extremism of all colors, radicalism and terrorism. Kosovo is an integral part of the anti-terror global coalition and it will offer its contribution in this domain”, Hyseni said.

Shpend Maxhuni, general director of Kosovo Police didn’t forget those who have fallen on duty.

“Each anniversary of Kosovo Police reminds us of fallen police officers. During 16 years of service, there have been 17 police officers who have fallen on duty”, Maxhuni said. /ibna/