Violent clashes in Skopje cause 20 wounded and 6 arrested

Violent clashes in Skopje cause 20 wounded and 6 arrested

Skopje, July 4, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Ministry of Interior (MoI) has provided more details about today’s protest in Skopje, saying that over 20 people have remained injured among protesters and police

According to MoI spokesman, Ivo Kotevski, six people have been arrested. One of the wounded people has received medical aid and has been admitted in one of the hospitals of the city.

Unofficially, the number of wounded people is said to be higher than the reported number and that many protesters have gone to private clinics due to the wounds that they have sustained

In an official statement, MoI spokesman said that protesters have acted in an extreme and aggressive way, throwing stones and other strong objects against police. MoI said that protesters have caused damages to the building of the Court of First Instance and Commercial Bank, a shop and to several private cars.

After 4 pm, the protest was dispersed and police is securing several critical areas. MoI says that there are no formal organizers of the protest and that the invitations were made through social networks. /ibna/